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    Hospitals / Nursing Homes

    Hospital window Cleaning


    Window Specialist have experience and expertise in cleaning windows at hospitals. Our ability to get work done quickly, efficiently and thoroughly, means we deliver a faultless job every time. Your windows will be sparkling, clean and hygenic both inside and out making for the best possible environment for patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.


    We use the latest technical equipment to reach difficult to access areas and are always aware of our surroundings and the need to reduce the impact that our work will have on the efficient running of the hospital. No mess or material will ever be left on your site – just clean sparkling windows.  


    So if you have responsibility for cleaning sydney hospital windows then please get in touch and we will be happy to meet you at the hospital site and customise a quote for you for free. 


    Nursing Homes Window Cleaning


    For anyone in longterm care it’s the little things in their lives that make the difference. Like being able to look at the gardens through the windows. Like not being cast into a half light because the windows have not been cleaned recently. These things make a difference to health and mental well being and most nursing homes and hospitals are well aware of this and keep their institutions in ship shape. 


    If you are currently without a window cleaning service or are looking for a better quality of service then Window Specialist would be delighted to discuss this with you. We offer a no obligation bespoke quote for your Nursing Home buildings needs. We keep your costs down without sacrificing job quality by using the best equipment. This allows us to work effectively and quickly.


    We also only employ experienced and professional window cleaners. The Window Specialist team are used to working to deadlines and on complex jobs that require skills that the ordinary residential window cleaner may well not possess. 



    Give us a call for a FREE quote on 1800 GET CLEAN

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