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    Office Interiors / Partitions

    Cleaning Office Interiors and Partitions


    At Window Specialist we are looking to help your business keep all of its glass windows, perspex windows and office partitions clean. That means we will clean exterior windows on both sides, any standing glass in the grounds and more importantly those office partitions that the regular cleaners often fail to do a good job on. Window Specialist is your one stop shop for cleaning office interiors and cleaning office partitions.


    So if you have any of the following types of office partition then we can make sure they are looking first class and giving the right impression about your business to your employees and visitors alike.


    • Aluminium

    • Lightweight MDF

    • Heavy duty

    • Solid core acoustic

    • Half-light doors

    • Rebated double doors

    • Timber veneer

    • Viewing panel doors

    • Sliding door systems



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