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    luxury real estate windowRegular cleaning is essential in order to maintain clean windows and frames in the best possible condition. Hard water build up including calcium and magnesium – known as lime scale – can penetrate the glass and become a permanent stain. Aluminium frames can also become quickly corroded without regular cleaning.

    Many of our customers already enjoy a regular clean whilst others wish they could get their windows done more often, so we have developed a convenient Window Cleaning Maintenance Service.

    By becoming a member of our maintenance program you can avoid the need to budget for a lump sum by spreading the cost of your annual, bi-annual or quarterly window cleaning over regular weekly or monthly payments. Please refer to our general Terms and Conditions.

    The program allows you to keep your windows in the best possible shape with minimum hassle.



    If the price of a (typical) comprehensive window clean for your house is $275 incl gst, then you would pay only;
    – $11.73 per week for two cleans per year, or
    – $23.46 per week for four cleans per year,
    inclusive of setup and administrative fees.

    There is no set date for your service – you simply call and arrange to have the windows cleaned any time within the month they are due.

    Download Direct Debit Service Request and Agreement

    (Print off form, sign and post back – please leave cost fields blank, they will be confirmed prior to service starting).

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