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    French Windows Cleaning

    French windows are much loved for their decorative, intricate glasswork. But wow, can they be a hassle to clean. It’s one of those jobs we all tend to put off because it is very time consuming and fiddly. French windows are constructed with small to mid sized glass panes usually inset with strips of painted wood. They are used in windows or doors and formatted on the traditional look and feel of the great French architecture of the last few hundred year.

    Materials You Will Need to Clean French Windows

    You will want to have a small squeegee, cleaning rags, a toothbrush, steel wool, a hose, kitchen gloves, water, vinegar, dish detergent or dish soap, a container that holds at least one gallon of liquid, and some white vinegar.

    How to Prepare Cleaning Solution for French Windows

    Fill a bucket with three cups of plain water. Next, add approximately a quarter of a cup of white vinegar and half a tablespoon of dish detergent or dish soap. This is a clean, safe, natural cleaning solution that can be made at home.

    How to Clean Interior French Windows

    Always dust interior French windowpanes first to remove the worst grime and dust prior to the wash. Next, put on the plastic kitchen gloves. Then begin by wetting the squeegee in the cleaning solution and cleaning the first pane. Use cleaning rags to wipe off the excess moisture. Continue until each successive pane of glass has been similarly cleaned and dried. Be sure to dry thoroughly to avoid streaking.

    How to Clean Exterior French Windows

    Exterior French Windows cleaning is location dependant. It may be simplest to hose down exterior French windows and then wipe with the squeegee and dry with cleaning rags – oruse the same procedure that was used for interior French windows.

    Additional Options for Hard to Clean French Windows

    For harder to clean French windows and persistent dirt and stains, thoroughly wet the area to be cleaned, then use steel wool very gently to loosen and remove dirt and stains. To get dirt and debris out of tiny corners and insets, use the smallest attachment on a vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum cleaner to exhume the material from difficult to reach places. A toothbrush wet with cleaning solution can also accomplish this for the toughest areas to reach. Once tough dirt has been removed, continue with normal cleaning, taking care to dry each pane thoroughly to avoid streaking.


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