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    Cleaning Skylight Windows


    Skylights can be the most awkward of windows to clean. Yet they are usually the dirtiest due to trees dumping their sap and leaves on them, mildew building up on them over time… and let’s not forget what our feathered friends leave behind.  


    Skylights should be cleaned at least  twice a year to keep the grime from building up If left  permanent damage to the skylight’s glass surface can occur. This is even more likely if your skylight is made of Plexiglas. Minute scratches to Plexiglas skylights will leave them with a clouded appearance in the long run if not looked after..  This can be expected for older skylights, as Plexiglas degrades over time, or even for new skylights in areas that have acidic rainfall.  


    It’s best to clean the inside and exterior on the same day. The inside doesn’t tend to get very dirty, unless the skylight is in a kitchen, over a shower or bath, or near to  a fireplace. Usually the worst problem is cobwebs, followed by grease build-up, and dust.


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