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    Window Cleaning in Bondi

    Sea water can play havoc with windows and no where feels that more than the Sydney suburb of Bondi. Any window cleaning Bondi experience is going to include a significant amount of saltiness. If you have just moved to Bondi then brace yourself for regular tough window cleaning experiences. In Bondi everything gets covered in salt-spray? 

    Window Cleaning Specialist

    The build up of salt and pollution together makes window cleaning Bondi jobs very difficult. You may have noticed how it disrupts that beautiful clear view. Cleaning this film of filth off is not easy but at Window Cleaning Specialists we have the experience and the tool kit to clean your Bondi windows efficiently, effectively and at a great low price. Our methods for cleaning windows in Bondi not only make them shine, but protect them against the local conditions for longer than if you just tried cleaning the windows yourself. 


    We really know the local conditions and how to deal with them – our head office is just a few moments from the beach itself. So if you are getting your apartment cleaned for an inspection, or getting your Bondi mansion ready for a party or a wedding, then Window Cleaning Specialists will get your windows shinning bright.


    In Bondi we strongly recommend regular window cleaning – especially if you are a home owner. Don’t let the weather degrade the value of your property. Regular cleaning will save a potential fortune on window repair in the future. We also clean the seals and frames to avoid rust build up. 


    Call today for a free quote on 1800 GET CLEAN or simply send an enquiry online to bookings@windowspecialist.com.au